"...Dorothy has a well-honed stage charm and an unsinkable ego
when she gets on stage, opening up her life through her songs. In
one about her parents’ death, she offers “It was easy to clear out
that old house/Not so easy to clear out my mind.”  by Alex V. Cook,
Country Roads Magazine, August 2009.

Dorothy currently has 5 CDs of original tunes.  She writes and
performs folksy, jazzy, bluesy, and even boogie woogie tunes that
are at times playful, at times contemplative, but always heartfelt.  
In "Wander", Dorothy explores the
simplicity of an earlier time.  
Two Little
tells of her families' unique
Christmas story.  Filled with imagery and
an appreciation for the simple things in
life, she sings of her parents' 1943
Christmas:  "Two little gifts under the tree,
but they were living in the lap of luxury, to
spend Christmas with the one they love."  
Decades passed, the family grew, but
"some things never change."  
Legacy is beautifully produced and orchestrated by Daniel Lee of Boonelight
Productions, with a special appearance on two tunes
(Can't Sing the Blues
Legacy) by Dave Hinson on bass and viola.  Dorothy will sweep you into
her world of challenge and hope and survival with every tune.
“Some might call it fate...Some might
leave it to chance.  What makes two
hearts beat as one?  No matter the
reason...no matter the rhyme, this was
a love for all time.”  These words,
accompanied by gentle jazz chording, form
the introduction for Dorothy LeBlanc's 2013
musical offering,
Reminiscent, and set the
tone perfectly for what follows...
Dorothy employs several different musical genres in Reminiscent, among
them jazz and folk, boogie woogie and blues, and even a clever bossa nova
number about the realities of the homemaker
(Lady of Leisure). At times
playful, and at times contemplative, she writes and sings of life and love in
all its stages.  
A Lifetime truly weaves a tale of a lifetime of love; Do's and
, Return to Sender Blues, and Bayou  Pigeon speak of love and
marriage from a more playful posture.  
Momma 'n Willie 'n Me, Home, and
Dusty Memories celebrate the relationship between grown children and their
aging parents.  The youngest and oldest among us are represented as well
Outside the Lines  and Solitaire, respectively).  The closing tune, Prayer for
a Loved One
, is filled with the most heartfelt wishes of a parent for a child...
but applies to any truly loving relationship.

Reminiscent was beautifully recorded, produced, mixed and mastered
in 2012 by award-winning Baton Rouge singer/songwriter Daniel Lee.  
His jazz guitar leads and gentle percussion add the perfect compliment to
Dorothy's rhythm jazz guitar and vocals.  Baton Rouge's own premiere string
player, Dave Hinson, adds upright bass, viola, and cello stylings, all
invaluable in bringing each song's message to the forefront.  'Jazz Nurse'
Betsy Braud shines on
Outside the Lines and Do's and Don'ts , her jazz sax
giving both tunes just the right playful flair.

All in all,
Reminiscent is a true celebration of the sounds and sensibilities of
the United States during the mid-20th century.  In writer Dorothy LeBlanc's
own words, “The WWII era was filled with hardship, but the music that came
from that generation was, by and large, uplifting and inspiring...You would
listen, and be proud to be an American.  This is my attempt to present real
life issues of today with a positivity of an earlier age.”  Truly reminiscent...
'...I don't know what I'd do without me and
you.  When only a real hug will do, we'll sit
over a mug or two, and gray skies turn a
brilliant blue...'  The title track of Dorothy
LeBlanc's 2014 offering,
less than 3, sets
the tone for the latest project from this
56-year-old mom turned
singer/songwriter from Baton Rouge, LA.  
Her writing is at times playful
sundae on Sunday),
at times
(so far, tree of soles part 1),

Beautifully produced by award-winning singer/songwriter
Daniel Lee, also of Baton Rouge, these 16 original tunes flow
effortlessly between Dorothy's very diverse stylings
(jazz and folk guitar to boogie woogie piano).
From start to finish, Daniel Lee's  spot-on lead guitar and percussion,
as well as Dave Hinson's driving bass and elegant cello and viola,
beautifully accompany Dorothy's rhythm guitar.   Ben Herrington shines on
suppertime and sundae on Sunday, with his excellent trombone
stylings perfectly complimenting her rockin' piano.  Jazz Nurse Betsy Braud's
lilting jazz flute on  
seaside symphony is a high point on this collection.  

No matter your age or musical proclivity,
less than 3  
is sure to be a musical collection that you will listen to time after time.
but always filled with stories of real life, composed by this wife,  mother,
daughter and friend.
Released in summer of 2012, "Legacy"
explores Dorothy's personal journey, with
emphasis on those she's known and loved
who have helped shape her unique
perspectives.  Six of these tunes
Granny's Farm, Time, Healing, Bird Poop,
I Carry,
and Lemonade Queen) directly
reflect her Christian faith-base.  She sings of
challenges: as a young adult after college; as
a parent to an addicted child; as a daughter
who faces the death of her parents; and her
need to create her own legacy after her
breast cancer ordeal.  
Prayer with Every Stitch and Grandma's Biscuits speak of her love for
everything homemade.  Simplify is her earnest plea to regain this style of
living, at this stage of her life, in the year 2011.

Expect the unexpected from Dorothy.  
The Answer showcases her jazz
chops as she sings of a great love affair that was unlikely at best, but which
lasted 53 years.  In the tune
In His Eyes, you'll hear the desperate plea of
one family member coping with the addiction of a loved one.
Scooter Blues
takes you on an ironic and humorous journey, as she tries to "reorganize
and reprioritize" now that she's "traded her 4-door for her scooter."

Angel speaks of the ultimate gift of friendship.  The use of guitar
finger-picking and dulcimer give it that heartwarming, reflective tone.  And
finally, the title track
Wander speaks of the art of letting go.

Under the exemplary production of veteran Baton Rouge
musician/videographer Daniel Lee, "Wander" is a beautiful body of work that
truly speaks of that universal journey of life...designed for men and women,
young and old alike.
She is admittedly a very positive, upbeat person, though she has
waged war with anxiety and depression throughout adulthood.  She is
a wife, a mother, and a survivor of anorexia and breast cancer.  She is
a woman who truly wants to make a difference in the world by sharing
her unique epiphanies and her uplifting nature, in song.

During a conversation with fellow songwriters, someone posed the
question, “What makes some people give up...yet other people rise to
the challenges of life?”  She realized what keeps her going.  She
needs to keep a dream in focus, at all times.
The songs on this special collection, Wake Up and Dream, were
written to truly represent her philosophy of life.  

Featured prominently in this excellent collection are Baton Rouge's
premiere string player Dave Hinson on bass and viola; and producer
Daniel Lee's lead guitar and percussion enhance with a subtle
elegance.  You'll enjoy this.  You'll be inspired.
    In one sense, a contradiction; in
    another sense, a very simple
    concept that holds the key!  In
    creating this, her fifth original CD
    produced by Daniel Lee, Baton
    Rouge performing songwriter
    Dorothy C. LeBlanc explores the
    importance of having a dream.