Here's a sampling of a performance
at Fest for All Children's Village
in Baton Rouge, LA (March 2015)  
Singing with Children
'Mrs. Dorothy & Her Traveling Shaky Egg Band'

Also, please watch this fun-filled video
of Dorothy and producer/ videographer Daniel Lee performing her original tune,
Time to Play, about separation anxiety, from a different perspective!  A special thank you to The Child
Development Cooperative in Baton Rouge, LA, (staff, children and families) for allowing us to film some
great action footage!  
Mrs. Dorothy is Dorothy LeBlanc of Baton Rouge, LA...
and her Shaky Egg Band would be the children in attendance
at her gigs.  Shaky eggs and original music makers flow freely
throughout the audience as everybody joins in the fun.  

For information about gigs, CDs, birthday parties,
and more,
e-mail her at