• Dorothy C. LeBlanc has been actively working as a musician,
    entertainer, and singer/songwriter since May of 2003.  
  • Until 2008, she worked primarily as a children's musician,
    teaching preschool music and performing as "Mrs. Dorothy &
    Her Traveling Shaky Egg Band".
  • Since 2009, she has spent the bulk of her energy performing  
    for senior citizens in community settings.
  • In 2011, she found herself bombarded with original tunes      
    and lyrics, and songwriting became a priority.
  • She hopes to tour a bit in 2016 as a performing songwriter,
    playing coffeehouses and doing house shows.
  • In December 2015, Dorothy released her first book, After
    Thought.  Her lyrics are interspersed with heartwarming and
    personal back stories in this collection of epiphanies,
    presented in poetry and prose..  
Dorothy C. LeBlanc